Human Rights Day protest Dec 11th, 2021

I am a member of the Anti-War Committee, an all-volunteer group that opposes US wars at home and abroad. But I also care deeply about many issues such as environmental destruction, racism, economic injustice, feminism (of course), LGBTQIA+ issues, etc. just to name a few. I usually relate to these issues through my work with the AWC, but not always. And I am always looking for new ways to connect with my community through organization and building a broader peace movement. Below is a list of orgs I think folks should know about. And more information about the AWC for anyone interested in getting involved. We meet every Wed from 7 to 9pm at our office in South Minneapolis, and our meetings are always open to newcomers. Please check out the links below.

Justice for Terrance Franklin demo May 12th, 2018

Anti-War Committee

Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar

Minneapolis for Community Control of the Police (CPAC)

Women Against Military Maddness

Climate Justice Committee MN

The Committee to Stop FBI Repression

FightBack News!

May Day Books