Protest chant sound files

No Justice, No Peace!

These sound files were specifically created to be made available to the public, free of copyright, for use in film and art projects. They were recorded by me at various protests around the Twin Cities in 2022.

Missteatree · you can’t stop the revolution

Missteatree · what do we want? justice! When do we want it? Now!

Missteatree · money for students, not for war

Missteatree · El Pueblo unidos, jamas cera vecido

Missteatree · water not oil, keep it in the soil

Missteatree · when Palestine is under attack, what do we do? Stand up! Fight back!

Missteatree · we’ve seen all of this before, “no fly zone” is code for war

Missteatree · show me what community looks like

Missteatree · from Ukraine to the Middle East, we demand justice, we demand peace!

Missteatree · not another nickel, but another dime, no more money for US war crimes

Missteatree · What’s the biggest threat to the world today? The pentagon, and the CIA

Missteatree · no good judge in a racist system

Missteatree · if we don’t get it, shut it down

Missteatree · Black, brown, Asian, white, all untie for immigrant rights

Missteatree · no war no sanctions no more escalation

Missteatree · education not deportation

Missteatree · every gen has an obligation to women’s liberation