Artist Bio

Misty Rowan is an artist and activist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a member of the Anti War Committee (.org) and honed her creative skills through organizing with the local peace movement over the past 15 years. She makes art to inspire others to create change and she loves working on collaborative community projects such as painting murals and making parade puppets. In 2012, Misty won the VERVE grant for spoken word poetry, and in 2020 she participated in the Making Media, Making Change HECUA internship with the St Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN). She will complete a Bachelor of Art from the University of Minnesota in the Spring of 2022 and hopes to pursue teaching. Misty is a painter, a poet, an animator, a filmmaker, and a storyteller who is committed to peace through justice, and who believes that art plays a vital role in social change. “It is the job of artists in the movement to build hope, to seek truth, and to inspire action.” 

4200 Cedar Ave Mural in progress, 2015